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Announcing Muddy Mat - Luxurious Floor Mat, Perfect for Bathroom, Kitchen, Indoors and Out, Machine Washable/Dryer Safe

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Protect Your Floors and Furniture from Even the Friskiest Pups

Compared to Normal Doormats, Muddy Mat Can Help Keep Your Floors Clean from Paw Marks

Watch How Muddy Mat Will Leave Your Old, Raggedy Mat in the Dirt

Muddy Mat will Help Trap All Types of Unwanted Debris From Paws and Shoes

Mud, Dirt, Grass, Sand, and More - See What Muddy Mat's Microfibers will Absorb

Finally, a Mat You Can Machine Wash Without Worrying

The Ultra-Durable Muddy Mat Can Be Cleaned in 3 Simple, Quick and Easy Steps.

Each Muddy Mat is Guaranteed to Last Years Protecting Your Floors

Bite, Rip, or Playing Tug-o-War, this Mat will Never Rip or Tear

Perfect for All Surfaces

Tile, Cement, Marble, or Wood, Muddy Mat Has Super Grip Technology which Firmly Keeps the Mat in Place

Muddy Mat is the Perfect Size to Keep Anywhere at home

In the Bathroom, Under the Doggy Door, or a Soft Bedding for the Kennel, Place your Muddy Mat Anywhere!

Stop Spending Hours Per Week Cleaning Up After Your Messy Eater

The Muddy Mat will trap any fallen kibble, and absorb All Water For a Quick and Easy Clean Up!

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Justine S.

56 Hampton Court Rd, Spetisbury-9/08/2022


Right when they arrived I put my 2 labrador poodles straight into the bath to test it out. One thing that is guaranteed, their hair holds so much water my bathroom turns into a kiddie pool. Compared to struggling with a tangling towel that doesn’t absorb much, my dogs LOVE the Doggy Dryer! The pockets for your hand is a fantastic idea since it makes it super easy to dry the undercarriage. I wish they did a human because that would be straight in my cart! I absolutely love these dryers.

Jacob B.

64 Chapel Lane, Ardwell-9/08/2022


I originally bought this to make bath time clean up much easier, but my dog loves this way too much to keep it only for the bath! I bought 2 more, 1 for wiping him dry paws after a day out in the rain, or if there’s too much slobber from drooling on the ball (haha). He loves it so much, all I need to do is say “Time to dry your feet!” and he fetches his favorite towel for me. I saw that Muddy Mat also sells these rugs made of the same material, so I had to buy one for each of the doggy doors!

Genny A.

65 Marlborough Crescent, Southease-9/08/2022


As someone with 4 different breeds of puppies (I still call them puppies) ranging from 25 pounds to close to 100 pounds, they all love this doggy dryer. It’s the perfect size to even wrap around my german shepherd and retrievers. With all their shedding combined, this doggy dryer does a fantastic job at locking in any of the excess saving me time from sweeping or vacuuming. I recommend these to anyone who is as tired as I was cleaning up after the rainstorm of fur and water!

Heather J.

100 Harrogate Road, Saddington-9/07/2022


Before buying this I would keep one or two bath towels by the back entrance just in case there was a rainy day. These shammies are so much better than the simple towels at soaking up moisture, I no longer had a need for the towels there. It’s been a few rain and lightning storms and this is really great for handling fully soaked dogs. I put my hands in the cute hand holders, and it’s super easy wrapping my pups in the shammy, fully drying them, these are really the best

Darlene N

38 St Denys Road, Prenteg-9/06/2022


Here in FL almost every day there is a torrential downpour, sometimes catching little Duke out in the yard where he’ll come back in like he was just in the bath. Before the doggy dryer, he would bring the rain inside, and also all over myself as I would struggle to wrap him with a bath towel. With the shammy, it keeps my hands dry with the nice hand pockets, and he dives right into the field of softness as I like to call it. I think I might enjoy this thing more than Duke does!

Celeste T.

80 Hudson St, Dunham Town-9/05/2022


The name is something Muddy Mat got right with this! It is the best shammy to use for drying your dogs after a bath, a day out in the rain, or if he/she gets a little too muddy for mom’s approval! I used to use what claimed to be a “super absorbent” towel, but that was a lie. I immediately noticed a difference in the ease of cleaning and how much water it really absorbs from fur. Everyone who has a dog in their house needs this doggy dryer

Joe O.

21 Russell Rd, Shilbottle-9/04/2022


I also purchased the Muddy Mat itself, but the doggy dryer makes drying off my soggy dogs even easier! The hand pockets are super convenient and makes it easy to wrap around even my golden retriever. I think the hand pockets are made to be an illusion, because my dog thinks she’s getting an awesome rub down every time she comes in from a walk in the rain haha!

Brian H.

17 Asfordby Rd, Aith-9/03/2022


I bought this after my back yard became a swamp with all of the rain these past few weeks, regular mats and towels were not getting it done. My dog was constantly tracking mud and water in the house. Using the doggy dryer to dry her bottom and legs, makes him happy with all the pats, and me happy with none of the mud! Best of all, to clean, all I need to do is throw it in the washer and dryer with the rest of my (useless) towels!

Todd L.

23 Fore St, Truro-9/02/2022


This dryer is great! I use this mainly in the tub to dry 99% of the water. Then I have another one in beige that I use to wrap around him, being the puggy he is, even though he is basically dry at that point. He just loves how soft and warm it is, I usually find him snuggling with it on his bed!

Joan A.

20 Academy Street, Bernisdale-9/01/2022


With two spaniels I figured I had to buy two of these dryers. I haven’t had to use the second one once, because one of these doggy dryers will dry both dogs better than two or three bath towels ever could. I used to dread having to dry the dogs, not once, but twice, then have to move onto the floor. This doggy dryer saves me so much time and stress from bath time, and the dogs love it too!

Erin H.

102 Boar Lane, Sells Green-8/31/2022


I wish I knew about this years ago, this would’ve saved me so many hours of cleaning mud and water off the floor. I bought the Original Muddy Mat on Amazon, and saw they released a towel made from the same material! I have a 112 pound Malenoi and I trained her to sit on the mat while I use the doggy dryer to take care of any dripping areas!

Ryan F.

4 Scotswood Road, Hook-8/30/2022


Years using a normal towel, it would take so long to get our poodle to a manageable wet-ness, enough that it wouldn’t stain our carpet floors. I bought this doggy dryer and did not regret it for a second as soon as it came in. It dries her in less than half the time as normal towels, leaving more time for play and less time for clean up. Sticking it in the washer with a hint of fabric softener, and it’s as good as new! I bought 2 more just in case one is still in the wash while its raining, I love these.

Carl Q.

73 Seafield Place, Foxfield-8/29/2022


This product does exactly what it claims it will, dries doggies!! After a downpour, I had for soaked Labs to dry, and this shammy removed the majority of the wet from their coats, and also caught maybe 90% of the fur falling from the rub down. Washes and dries perfectly with other towels too, I recommend this for anyone that struggled like I did!

Fabby G.

131 Pendwyallt Road, Burrington-8/28/2022


My boyfriend didn’t want me to spend money on this thinking that the towels would “work just fine”. All I can say is, I was right (as usual). We received it in 3 days about a month ago, tried it on our retriever, and it is the best dog item we’ve bought so far. We also have a Savannah cat that gets bathed every so often, and she loves it just as much as the dog does, but not more than we do! It makes bath time a breeze, rather than the usual rainstorm is brings.

Josh L.

89 Freezeland Lane,Craigearn-8/27/2022


This doggy dryer speaks for itself when it comes to drying soggy pups. I recommended this to so many of my friends with pets and they always comment on how soft and effective it really is at drying after bath time. The best part is, there are no super careful or special care instructions, just throw it in with your normal towels, and it’s as good as new! I absolutely love this product, I can’t wait for more colors to come out!

Alice E.

89 Duckpit Lane, Upper Upham-8/26/2022

I finally don’t need to mop after my dog

I was skeptical about this type of mat, but when you're tired of mopping up muddy doggy footprints... you'll try anything! I can't speak for other brands (because I haven't tried them), but this mat definitely works!!! If it's CAKED mud on the dog's paws... no, this is not a miracle rug that reaches up and scrubs your dog's paws! Lol!! But... it completely absorbs WATER from the paws and watery mud, which is exactly what I wanted. I tell my dog to "sit" on the mat when she comes in. Maybe 5-7 seconds. And walah!! NO FOOTPRINTS on my floor! Highly recommend!! I also have another mat by the front door for my husband that likes to track through a wet yard instead of using the sidewalk. :) works on him too. :)

Camille E.

29 South Street, Moor Crichel-8/25/2022

Keeps water and mud off the hardwood

I didn't rate this for durability because I haven't had it long enough or for giftability because it's a doormat and, other than for a housewarming, who gives doormats. That being said, it's pretty, it's soft, it keeps water and mud off the hardwood floors and it was very nicely priced. This is the second of two and, if I ever need another one, I'll buy one of these.

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